Part of the Eyewitness Blues Band guitar corps, Stan began his musical career in the '60's, playing clarinet and trombone.  His trombone solo performance of "Erie Canal" is still discussed in reverential tones at San Jose's Dartmouth Middle School, and many observers were shocked when Bruce Springsteen did not invite Stan to perform the song with him on his "Seeger Sessions" project.

Stan switched to the guitar in the 80's.  Originally an acoustic performer, he "went electric" when his brother loaned him a Gibson SG.  Nowadays, he rocks his own Epiphone SG, but careful observers of the band will note that for Stan, "three-chord rock" may be a bit of a stretch.

As co-anchor of the KCBS Morning Newswatch, Stan is comforted by the fact that he has a day job to support his musical career.

GREATEST MUSICAL MOMENT:  Almost catching Roger Daltrey's harmonica case at a Who concert in San Francisco's Winterland Arena

GUITAR GOD: Mark Knopfler by a small margin over Pete Townshend

MUSICAL INFLUENCES (FOR BETTER OR WORSE): The Who, 10cc, John Lee Hooker, Raffi, Kinky Friedman, The Rolling Stones, Loudon Wainwright III, Frank Zappa, The Tubes

FAVORITE MEMBER OF THE BEATLES: Ringo, because of his role as The Conductor on "Shining Time Station"